Hair Revolution. Let Me Present Nanoil Hair Oils!

I am obsessed with cosmetic novelties. I really enjoy reviewing newcomers that has been recently released to the market. My latest discovery is Nanoil hair oil. What made it instantly so popular? What is my opinion on this product? To what it owes its success? Keep on reading and you will know everything.

The History of Nanoil Brand

Nanoil hair oils are without a doubt a hair care hit that started with independent research institutes, which the manufacturer does not hesitate to praise. The website reads:

‘We have considered the needs of women all over the world and analysed the structure of human hair to create a complex of natural oils, vitamins, and nutrients.’

I can even imagine it. A group of professionals who sit in the lab and analyse under the microscope how hair is built and how particular nutrients work on it. Such brainstorming helped to come up with the idea of choosing oils carefully, combining them and matching to hair porosity – in other words – the construction of the outer layers of hair.

The secret of effectiveness

Although, I am not sure it can be referred to as the secret. It is rather information available for everyone, however, used by Nanoil band in a brilliant way. The producer decided to create not one, but three oils with all-natural oils and proper amounts of fatty acids. Proper for what? Mainly matched to the type of porosity of particular hair type. The porosity is determined by the condition of scales in the cuticle layer. They can be sealed and overlapping or raised. The bigger the holes in the cuticle the worse (this indicated damaged hair). In such case, you should use oils with large content of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, suitable for high porosity. Only this type of particles will be able to ‘seal’ weakened hair.

Thanks to such approach, you can choose from three oils:

Nanoil for medium porosity hair (my type)

Nanoil for high porosity hair

Nanoil for low porosity hair

and everyone will find a cosmetic that will meet their expectations and fulfil their needs!

Which one to choose?

I do not have too much experience when it comes to matching oils to hair porosity. Only recently I got to know what hair porosity is. Before, I did not see any tremendous results of hair care as it was mismatched. Thus it is really important to determine your own type of hair, Only then you will be able to provide proper nutrients and enjoy beautiful hairstyles.

If you are interested, I have prepared some information in a nutshell.

What type of hair do you have?

Porosity is another term for the condition of your strands. The more damaged, frizzy and weakened, the higher the porosity. Low porosity hair does not have such problems, however, it lacks volume and can be greasy at the roots. High porosity hair has the worst condition; it is splitting and brittling, it is dull and rough. Medium porosity is the state in between bad and good condition. Also, porosity depends on the texture of hair – naturally straight is usually low porosity, wavy – medium porosity and curly hair – high porosity. In order to determine my own type of hair, I used the float test as the condition of scales indicates hair’s absorbing powers. Low porosity hair is difficult to wet and takes a long time to dry it. High porosity hair absorb water like a sponge and lose it as quickly.

Knowing your porosity, you can now reach for one of the theree oils:

– Nanoil for low porosity hair is rich in saturated fatty acids

– Nanoil for medium porosity hair has a large amounts of omega-7 and omega-9 fatty acids

– Nanoil for high porosity hair comprises a majority of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

How do Nanoil hair oils work?

I appreciate the fact that the cosmetic does not cover up a hair problem but solves it. Perhaps a hair conditioner would be less expensive but it provides only temporary improvement. It smooths hair until your next wash and if you forget to use it, your strands will be static and frizzy. Nanoil hair oil is a product that improves the condition once and for all. It coats hair with a protective, delicate coating and makes it smoother and easier to comb right after the first use. But at the same time, it penetrates hair, nourishes it, moisturises and strengthens its internal structures. First of all, Nanoil seals the scales, which are the cause of hair loss. Ah! And of course, it is also suitable for the scalp care.

The effects of Nanoil: regenerates, nourishes, reinforces, smooths, moisturises, protects, reconstructs, rejuvenates, enhances, improves resilient and brilliance…long story short – it does everything!

Where are such amazing properties coming from? In my opinion, hair oils are responsible for the stunning effects. To create three versions of Nanoil, the producer used 16 natural oils and additional valuable ingredients, such as: provitamin B5, silk, keratin, a set of vitamins and sunscreen.

Argan oil (Nanoil for low, medium and high porosity hair)

Avocado Oil (Nanoil for high porosity hair)

Babassu Oil (Nanoil for low porosity hair)

Cotton oil (Nanoil for high porosity hair)

Cedar oil (Nanoil for low porosity hair)

Jojoba Oil (Nanoil for medium porosity hair)

Coconut Oil (Nanoil for low and medium porosity hair)

Macadamia Oil (Nanoil for medium porosity hair)

Marakuja Oil (Nanoil for low, medium and high porosity hair)

Marula Oil (Nanoil for medium porosity hair)

Almond Oil (Nanoil for high porosity hair)

Monoi oil (Nanoil for low porosity hair)

Castor oil (Nanoil for low porosity hair)

Evening Primrose Oil (Nanoil for high porosity hair)

Cupuacu butter (Nanoil for low porosity hair)

Shea butter (Nanoil for low porosity hair)

At this point I would be already convinced. However, if you still have some doubts whether Nanoil hair oil is a good investment, I will allow myself to present a few facts about the formula of the cosmetic and its advantages.

No matter the version, Nanoil Hair Oil is a lightweight cosmetic. It is very well absorbed by hair and scalp, which is probably due to the perfectly matched ingredients. Although it is composed mainly of natural oils, its formula is non-greasy and does not weigh hair down. It has a beautiful scent. Although it is a delicate aroma, I can smell it of my hair even throughout the whole day.

For me, the efficiency is also very important, especially when I pay for the product a little more than for a drugstore conditioner. Nanoil Hair Oil is very efficient because one dose it is enough to cover one’s hair and scalp. Unless someone has longer hair than mine, which reaches to the shoulders. After all, I assure you that one bottle of 100 ml is enough for a few months of treatment. Assuming you use the oil just like I do – at every wash. I love applying it to dry hair for a few hours before washing.