My favourite lip balm – EOS!

Hello girls!

I am sure that all of us like to receive gifts! Especially if the present is a cosmetic, the joy is doubled! A couple of days ago I was the lucky girl. My friend gave EOS Summer Fruit lip balm. I am sure you know it well: it looks like a small egg in a variety of colours, scents and….flavours.

My very own EOS lip balm has a beautiful fruity scent: blueberry, acai berry, strawberry and peach. The aroma is really amazing and as if it was not enough, the flavour is also pretty good. The balm contains many natural ingredients. Vitamin E which is perfect for moisturising, smoothing and slowing the ageing processes. Shea butter and jojoba oil help to distribute the product on our lips and reduce dryness. I was really glad when I read that EOS lip balm does not contain any parabens, vaseline and is gluten-free. If you are allergy-prone or have very sensitive lips, do not hesitate, you can use this product, it is safe.

Why did I like the egg-like balm so much? You might not believe but it works much better than branded expensive beauty products. I am serious! Non of any other balms has ever treated my lips like this one. Thanks to EOS, they are smooth, nourished and moisturised. What is more, I also noticed that I have no dry spots, and the corners of my mouth are not cracking anymore. My lips just simply look perfect. In my opinion, EOS balm can be used during winter and summer.

Do you know a good trick to have beautiful lips?

I am sure that you tried to use sugar scrub at least once in your lives. Such product combined with honey will perfectly smooth chapped lips, moisturise and reduce fine lines. All you need to do is to use sugar-honey scrub on your lips and then apply EOS lip balm. To obtain even better results, you should do it a few times a week. What will be the effects? Soft and beautiful lips! Make-up will never cause any trouble again. Applying lipstick or lip gloss will be much easier and the products will last longer.

EOS lip balms come in different colours. My has read packaging. You can find blue, pink, white or even stripes. Aren’t they cute? You should definitely try it out!