5 weirdest tricks that will help you manage hair

I don’t fully understand what drives some people to come up with such crazy beauty hacks like applying mayo to hair but I know that there is definitely more bizarre tricks which some of us don’t dare to give a go to. What is even more surprising, most of them do work although at the first glimpse they might resemble either some lunatic’s irrational idea or advice given by someone who wants to trick us. Honestly, it happened to me many times that I saw it for myself that even the most silly-sounding ideas turned out to be really helpful and eased daily struggles with conditioning and taking care of my appearance. Learn my TOP 5 beauty hacks! At first, you will probably be surprised, but I guarantee that you will like at least some of the ideas once you convince yourself to give them a go. <3


Application of mayonnaise to hair is a trick which origins reach homemade egg hair masks. Many of our grandmothers used to apply eggs to treat their hair with back then when the access to beauty supplies was limited. They knew that this simple ingredient hides plentitude of vitamins, minerals and proteins which are essential in terms of hair care. Not without a reason many producers launch their own egg hair care product series. This is one of mysterious ingredients that helps hair remain in a good condition. After all, much of it can be found in… mayonnaise, can’t it? And this is how the conviction that mayo applied to hair makes strands beautiful and is one of the best natural hair regenerating products. Regular mayo hair mask replenishes hair with moisture and provides protection, leaves hair glossy and reinforced.


Ok, it does happen that we’re running out of a shampoo but we have forgotten to get a new one, and the timing for such bad surprises isn’t right. In such cases we have two options to choose – either leave home with greasy hair, or scan our house for any alternative. It appears that effective DIY shampoo can be produced from regular baking powder used as a base ingredient. Making such product is super easy: mix a spoon of baking powder with three spoons of water. And this is how you can wash your hair without using a shampoo. Despite not lathering, the effect obtained is exactly the same as after regular hair washing – hair is fresh and clean. Naturally, the very same properties (cleaning) are displayed by baking soda that can be freely used instead of baking powder.


The majority of life hacks connected with hair care is about reaching for various substances that we store in our kitchen. A few years ago there was this trend to style and fix hair using sugar. It was this sticky quality of sugar that was taken advantage of to style hair. Later guys resigned from applying sugar to hair and replaced it with gels and hair waxes. Today, there is yet another method developed that depends on rinsing hair with Coca Cola. Why would somebody do that? It’s said that hair treated with this tasty drink is supposed to get thicker (boosted volume) and get enhanced texture. I tested this method and I can confirm that Coca Cola is just perfect if you want to create beach waves. Yes, I know that washing hair with Coca Cola might sound too weird to do it, but believe me, the effect will surprise you positively.


How a tissue is supposed to help tame static hair? This is one of the simplest and at the same time the most effective life hacks that are known to me. Wrap a brush with a tissue to get hair tamed with every stroke. Basically, thanks to this trick, hair gets smoother and stops being affected by frizz. All you need is a regular brush and a regular tissue that has to be pressed into the bristle, or prickled by the bristle if you want to call it that way. Also, this is a method of more hygienic hair brushing, because all the impurities, sebum, dead epidermis cells and residues of hair styling products stay on the tissue. Then, you have to take the tissue off and the brush remains clean. It’s simple, isn’t it? It’s also really effective, but you won’t learn about it unless you give it a try.


I mentioned above that baking soda and baking powder can become your new shampoo. But what if we don’t have time to wash our hair, yet we need something like a dry shampoo? A great solution is a homemade dry shampoo made of potato starch. This ingredient, which finds its place in almost every kitchen, works alike dry shampoo because it’s able to absorb excess of sebum and moisture, leaving hair fresh and clean. You can also make use of cocoa providing you are a brown-haired woman (it won’t be so easy to notice as white potato starch would be). Naturally, DIY dry shampoo doesn’t have its spray form that we are used to, therefore I suggest you to use a fluffy powder brush to apply your homemade dry shampoo with. Just collect either potato starch or cocoa with the brush and put it on your hair roots where the grease gathers.

I hope you will like these original beauty tricks. I also hope that they will save your butts in a seemingly no-win situation.


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