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You want to have beautiful eyelashes? You need to read this. Facts about eyelash conditioner

Many people mistakenly believe that we can only get beautiful and long eyelashes on the day we are born. It turns out, however, that the truth is somewhat different. Of course there are people who really can enjoy spectacular natural lashes. The rest, however, must take care of them properly. There are few ways to achieve your dream effects. So let's analyze them all.

But before we point out the advantages and disadvantages of individual methods, let’s get familiar with a handful of information about natural lashes.

Natural eyelashes

In case of most people eyelashes lower eyelid are slightly shorter than those which are located in the upper eyelid. Of course, not the amount of hair is the same for different people. Some have slightly more, others less. The number of lashes ranges from 100 to 250 hairs. A really nice setting of eyes is not guarantee only by the number of lashes but also by their thickness and length. Many women suffer because of the often-falling out lashes and their generally general condition.

However, one should not overly worry about individual hairs falling out. It is a fact that eyelashes are naturally replaced approximately every six months, which means that the hair is so much "alive" for half a year. Then an eyelash dies, falls out and is replaced by another. Lashes fall out and grow back at different times, so naturally there are no situations when you suddenly lose all lashes. To make lashes, however, longer, shinier and less prone to damage, we must ensure their proper nutrition.

Many women want to get the effect immediately, and therefore undergo numerous treatments such as extension or thickening of the eyelashes.

Method 1:1 is a treatment aimed at extending the lashes. It is very important to perform such a procedure only in the beauty salon. Any wrong in doing in this procedure is rather difficult to remove. Interestingly, eyelashes extended with this method do not look too natural. Before we decide on the execution of the procedure, you should check whether your lashes are not too attenuated. In this case if the lashes overburdened they will fall out.

The density of eyelashes involves placing special patches of eyelashes in the open spaces between the individual hairs. As a result, our eyes will look bigger and more expressive. Unfortunately, despite the fact that this treatment looks a bit more natural, you should know that the glue with which tufts of hair are attached to the eyelid, often comes off which means the necessity of subsequent visits at a beautician’s in order to comply with the amendments.

As you can see, there is no reliable way of extension or thickening eyelashes. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages that make it necessary to carefully consider the possible choice.

Which does not mean we cannot have beautiful natural eyelashes.

It is worth mentioning that there is an easy way that allows us to have a beautiful and natural lashes, that using an eyelash conditioner in the form of a serum. Results obtained from its use look natural and will not require any amendments. But before get there, we should take into account the fact that this method requires the regular use of supplements every day.

How to get beautiful eyelashes?

The regular use of supplements will not only strengthen our eyelashes, but also make them grow back much longer and thicker. If you do not believe the effect of the eyelash conditioner Nanolash, you should take the challenge and test it. The first effects occur after a few weeks, so it is worthwhile to check its effectiveness! Positive effects of Nanolash have been verified by numerous cosmetic institutes. Hundreds of scientists identified it as a highly effective cosmetic!

It is worth spending a few minutes a day to get the effect on many levels. Thanks to the nutrient Nanolash we do not only get longer lashes, but also they will become more shiny, darker and thicker. Just apply a small amount of the cosmetic once a day using a suitable brush. After a few weeks, you will see the first results.

Below I present a letter by one of my readers that prompted me to share a solution to the problem of weak and rare eyelashes

"Hi, some time ago I underwent the procedure of prolonging and thickening eyelashes. Unfortunately, I could enjoy the effect of the procedure for just a few days. After this time, the lashes started to gradually fall out. Both the extended ones and my natural lashes. Could you advise me what I can do. I now have very ugly eyelashes, which I'm ashamed to show without a large amount of mascara "~ ~ Alex 19

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This report is super. I was looking for something like this, because I was going to have an eyelashes extend myself. Well, I didn’t do it, I just bought the eyelash conditioner.


Some time ago I had a chance to try 1:1 method. I do not know how about other women, but in my case it was a complete nightmare. I looked like a porcelain doll. Even from afar one could see that it is artificial.


In my case the extended eyelashes were great, but they quickly started to peel off. In total, after two or three weeks, I had to correct them.


Such an extension is best for people that have their lashes thick naturally, otherwise it looks artificially.

Joko Ono

It is a pity that you cannot just go to a beauty salon and choose lashes that we want to have. Of course, in theory it can be done, which unfortunately only rich people can afford.


I managed to make my natural eyelashes look very good and really a lot of people ask me about whether they are extended.


Once before getting married my friend went for such a procedure. On the first day the makeup looked great, but when she first used mascara eyelashes started to peel off.

Sarah Jackson

Eyelash extensions are not for everybody, unfortunately. The professionals should be honest about whether a person will look good or not.

Lady Gaga

You're right, Domika. Unfortunately they prefer to earn more money and do not talk about that one's eyelashes are simply not suitable. It is a pity that the client suffers and most of all her wallet suffers too.


I have not had to deal with lengthening eyelashes ever, and you managed to successfully knock me out of your head thanks to this article. I will certainly not undertake to this topic : D


I have been using eyelash conditioner Nanolash, but immediately after its application for several weeks a little bit more lashes were falling out than before. I thought that something is wrong with it, but thanks to the nutrient old, weak and short lashes have been replaced with new, longer ones.


For me it was the same, which is why you should write more about this. Probably a lot of girls at this point gives up on the eyelash conditioner thinking that it is just a bad solution for them.


I haven’t been using the nutrients referred to in the article, but I had an occasions to try castor oil and the effects were great.


I do not know anything about the effect of nutrients, but I would not recommend any eyelash extensions, etc. Like the hair extension. The massacre of some kind….


In my case, after the procedure of eyelash extension, they started to fall out. I was recommended the conditioner Nanolash and only then I stopped losing eyelashes and it all made some sense.


I would recommend the eyelash conditioner. No point in playing in appending eyelashes, it is better to have your own natural eyelashes.


I have been using other eyelash conditioner but this was a real massacre. I hope that this has a different composition and it will be worth trying.


I have a question - can I use eyelash conditioner if I wear contacts?


Sure you can, I wear them and it is just as good. And most importantly it does not irritate the eyes.


I did not have to deal with any eyelash extensions or other treatments of this kind, but I can safely recommend Nanolash eyelash conditioner, I have used it for few months and I do only small gaps between each container.