Foot care. How to do it right?

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We take care of our nails and hands but we often tend to forget about our feet. Nails, heels and cuticles require special care because they are the most susceptible to damage, irritation and corns. How to do it right, then? Check my ideas below, maybe you’ll find your ideal way for beautiful feet.

What are your feet exposed to?

Your feet bear the weight of your whole body. What’s more, most of the time you wear shoes, in winter you wear thick socks, in summer your feet are exposed to sun, dust and sand. As a result of these and other factors the skin keratinizes, thickens, in some cases even small wounds appear. If you don’t regularly exfoliate your skin, it becomes thick, dull and starts to crack. For this reason, foot care is a must as your feet have the be nourished in order to look good.

Foot anatomy and care

If you want to care for your feet professionally, then it’s a good start to check the structure of your feet. A foot consists of muscles, 26 bones, veins, nerves and skin. There are no sebaceous glands on foot which means that it is unable to moisturise or lubricate itself. This is because it is important to pay attention to our feet and provide them with proper and systematic care.

Foot treatments

The treatment should be suited to the needs of your skin. In a beauty parlour you will be offered treatments that improve the appearance of your feet and nails. You can also try a professional foot massage that will help you relax. If your feet hurt, you have corns or calluses, ingrowing nails or some kind of disease, you need to see a podologist. The professional will determine whether it is a dermatological defect or some serious illness. Before the treatment, inform the podologist about the diseases, previous treatments and your expectations.

Foot bath

The first stage of foot care should be a bath lasting 10 minutes. The skin becomes softened which facilitates the removal of the thickened skin. Also, the procedure prepares your foot for further care. You can use salt with microelements and essential oils, such as mint, lavender, lemongrass, which all have antiseptic, refreshing, softening and relaxing effects. You can pour water into a special bowl that is used for the so-called bubble bath, which will give you a pleasant massage.

Foot scrub

Exfoliating is very important for aesthetic reasons. Such treatment will prevent further damage, help in caring, give your feet a nice look and stimulate regeneration. For it, you can use pumice or some cream scrub. If you want to prepare a homemade scrub, you can use salicylic acid, pumice powder, sugar or salt.

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