Nanolash. You Won’t Find Better Eyelash Serum!

Nanolash best solution for lashes

You say – I’ve got sparse lashes which fall out, even a mascara fails to enhance them. I say – instead of complaining, take matters into your own hands and fix them! Like I did!

Nanolash growth serum was (still is, actually) my ally while fighting for a beautiful look. Fancy learning more about the way it works? Enjoy the review of my cosmetic discovery of recent weeks! ๐Ÿ™‚

NANOLASH is an eyelash serum made by professionals and aimed at stimulating eyelash growth, as well as delivering repair, care and enhanced appearance. It equals the best composition of nourishing and strengthening ingredients (including a natural plant extract) which penetrate the lash bulbs, working from within. Consequently, lashes get longer, thicker, fuller-looking and stronger in just 30 days.

It is the manufacturer’s promise, of course. When it comes to my Nanolash results, I’ll focus on that at the end of the post. To be honest, the promise convinced me – it sounds reasonable, the reviews confirm that and thus I decided to get my own serum offered by the producer.

What’s the price and where to order Nanolash?

I must start off with the price because it really scared me at first. I was used to lower drugstore prices. Then, I realized that fine quality must have its price. It is similar to eyeshadows – the budget ones usually flake and have poor pigmentation. All in all, I ordered my Nanolash serum. I just regret not buying the two-pack because the price per tube would have been lower.

Nanolash came sealed in a gorgeous box filled with some black strips of paper (a kind of extra protection from breakage during delivery).

P.S. I don’t know what it’s like when you order elsewhere, I purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website on

First impressions. What is Nanolash serum like?

Before the purchase, I came across a few opinions which werenโ€™t positive but I really needed an effective lash care product so I decided to give it a shot anyway.

Nanolash serum is a cosmetic having an endearing design. No joking, I really like the bottle – it has an elegant color, minimalist logo and looks beautiful. I have never come across such a fancy lash serum.

The consistency appeared a bit too watery at first but then I read that it was just the way it should. Too thick formula of a lash serum overloads lashes and fails to give full absorption. Nanolash has an ideal consistency to provide easy application (actually one stroke of a brush is enough) and instant absorption.

It has no color or scent, which is a benefit because it tells the serum doesn’t contain any artificial colorants or aromas.

Eyelash serum featuring a flawless brush applicator

Someone once told me that the effects given by a cosmetic depend on the application method in 80%. If used the right way, it delivers success. If not, you just take 20% of its potential, which isn’t impressive. And I see eye to eye with the person who told me that.

Nanolash serum has a thin precise brush like in an eyeliner but it’s colorless.

Such a brush really makes the application easy! How to use Nanolash? It’s so simple that no one will ever have problems with that. Open the bottle, take out the brush, slide it over the lash line from the inner to the outer corner and… that’s it. Repeat with the other eye and go to sleep because Nanolash is best to use at night.

Without doubts, you must follow some rules, that is remove all makeup precisely, clean the skin, degrease and dry the eye area because the tiniest impurity prevents Nanolash from working.

Clou, or the Nanolash serum effect

I’m not a cosmetologist so I won’t elaborate on the composition. The list of ingredients is short, which is a good thing because I’m positive that there are no unnecessary substances included.

When it comes to the way Nanolash works, I’m stunned! It is the best eyelash serum I’ve had and without doubts I’m going to repurchase.

My lashes used to be thin and brittle. I would pull them out during makeup removal despite using gentle moves and never having done it harshly. I used to have gaps in the lash line which looked horrible after applying mascara…

Eyelashes after Nanolash treatment are finally lovely! I’ve been using the product for 4 weeks and really love it. I needed so little in order to:

  • make my lashes twice as long and dense
  • get bigger-looking eyes and enhance them
  • make my lashes flexible and hold back breakage
  • do away with lash loss (they fall out in natural quantities now)
  • gain brand new tiny baby lashes
  • boost my self-esteem! ๐Ÿ™‚

What about you, ever tested Nanolash serum?

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