How to choose the right night cream? Check my criteria!

Would you like to have the perfect night cream? The bad news is that such product does not exist. Surprised? I believe it would be strange if one cream would meet the needs of ALL women regardless of their age, skin type and the particular problem. Each of us should find one cosmetic that will be perfect just for them. Before I try to answer the questions of how to choose the right night cream so that it meets the needs of your own skin, let’s find out why we actually need it. How to apply night cream? Is it good to use a face serum?

Why do we need a night cream?

The night cream differs from the day one in the composition, and more specifically, the concentration of nutrients. In addition to being more concentrated, denser and more oily, the night cream lacks UV filters.

In general, skin cells do their repair work most effectively at night. Already in the evening the  skin’s cellular bonds relax. This is the time when the cream will absorb nutrients that will quickly penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis. After midnight, the skin regeneration process accelerates as then the body begins to produce hormones that promote its renewal, such as growth hormone. Thanks to this, all the cells of the body divide much faster than during the day.

Late in the evening and at night, the skin is elastic and well supplied with blood, it intensively breathes and soaks active ingredients from cosmetics. The skin cells get rid of toxins and produce proteins that protect the cell nucleus, regenerate collagen fibers and repair all-day damage.

In the morning, the body gradually changes to the day mode: the cell division in the skin slows down and the nutrients are not that easily absorbed. Thanks to this, the skin is better protected from adverse external factors during the day. Its condition will be better if we prepare the skin in the evening. That’s exactly what the night cream should help you with.

How to choose the right night cream for your skin type?

Night cream is supposed to help the skin regenerate, that is, it should nourish, moisturise and protect it from moisture loss. It will be the most efficient if is chosen particularly for your skin type. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, the cream should have a light consistency so that it does not clog pores. In turn, dry skin needs a thicker cosmetic which will moisturise it and reduce water evaporation. In the case of combination and oily skin, the night cream is unnecessary.

Night cream and the age

The second important criterion for choosing the night cream is your age. It is no secret that the needs of young skin are different than those of mature one. Even so, every night cream should contain strong antioxidants, such as vitamins A, C, and E, as well as flavonoids, which help the skin regenerate damage caused by the sun, polluted air and wind. The list of ingredients should also include minerals, especially calcium, silicon, selenium, zinc and sulphur.

  • Night cream for 30s

What cream is good for a thirty-year old woman? One that contain coenzyme Q10 because it accelerates the metabolism of cells, improves their oxygenation, regenerates and firms the skin and lightens discolourations.

  • Night cream for 40s

Dear forty-year-olds, in creams you should look for ceramides, proteins, retinol and unsaturated fatty acids, such as oleic and linoleic. All these substances accelerate the metabolism of cells, maintain the water-lipid balance in the skin and have anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties.

  • Night cream for 50s

Fifty-year-old women should choose a cream with soy isoflavones, glycolic acid and folic acid that stimulate the production of collagen, have strong regenerative properties, speed up the skin removal by repairing its DNA fragments and also inhibit the aging process.

How to apply a night cream?

I usually apply some cream on my face and gently massage it into the skin with my fingers. I do it using small, upward, circular motions. It is intended to improve the microcirculation in the skin and relax it. I smooth out mimic wrinkles and squeeze points at the inner corners of the eyes where the lymph accumulates.

Is it worth using a face serum?

Generally, serum strengthens the effect of the night cream.This is a preparation that contains a large dose of active ingredients and very light consistency. The serum is easily absorbed thanks to its liquid formula. For this reason, a very small amount of serum is enough. It should be applied to cleansed skin just before applying the cream. Both cosmetics should be of the same brand so that their ingredients complement each other.

What are your criteria for choosing the night cream? Do you already have your perfect one or are you still looking for perfect one? Share your thoughts!


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