Mascara That You’ve Always Been Dreaming Of! Lashcode Mascara Review


Gals, do you also wear your shoes out as I do while going from one store to another in search of this best, perfect, the most wonderful mascara? Do you also think it is the critical product in a beauty bag?

I hate false lashes – I have an impression that women wearing silicone falsies look like drag queens – no offence for the latter of course. The thing is that fake eyelash extensions in day make-up stick out like a sore thumb.

And that’s why a mascara is so important to me – sometimes it would mess up my make-up completely, building up and leaving awful clumps on lash tips or sticking them totally for a one-big-lash look. And I kept dreaming of a romantic, alluring fan of full, long, separated lashes.

I often thought I’d found one because it gave an amazing effect. Still, after a few hours, it turned out to fall on cheeks like an ‘expired’ Christmas tree. Or it left my eyelids irritated. Non-stop itchy eyes and rubbing the eyelids resulted in a panda effect and dark under-eye circles – as if I had a sleepless night.

I started losing hope. Is this really so hard to find a reliable mascara making me look stunning and feel confident no matter the conditions, not being afraid of flaking or smudging? Come on! There are hundreds of mascaras! How can it be? Is there something wrong with my lashes? And then I stumbled on Lashcode.

Lashcode Mascara – where to buy?

I got it – as it often happens – by accident rather than by a conscious choice (I simply saw a review by a blogger I look up to because of her professionalism). I even didn’t have to go outside: I ordered Lashcode on the official webpage ( By the way, the website is really interesting and intuitive.

Placing an order took a minute. At the same time, I I had a chance to find out WHAT I’m purchasing, how Lashcode works, what it contains and what effect the wand gives. Everything’s straightforward and clearly explained. I’ve fallen for the mascara because… Lashcode isn’t just a mascara but I’ll go back to that. First things first.

Run through my review of Lashcode Mascara. I’m sure most of you already know or heard of it because it’s raved about by bloggers and make-up artists; Lashcode gets great reviews online. What’s so wonderful about it?

What’s the Lashcode tube like?

Lashcode looks simply… pretty. I was thinking of a good way to describe it to convey my amazement but I guess you’ll get that after checking the website and glancing at the product. It is an aesthetically-designed, feminine, stunning mascara. The design is untypical and very tasteful, high-end-looking. Up to date as well as fancy, exceptional yet classical. I like the way it combines these qualities.

Still, the design of the brush is the most important. It’s one of the coolest wands I’ve ever seen. Its size is simply perfect, it has precisely arranged, silicone bristles which aren’t stiff and don’t pull lashes – while applying make-up they glide smoothly on the eye line and distribute as much product as necessary, beautifully separating, styling, extending and multiplying lashes (an effect of million lashes as the spiral ‘stretches up’ even tiniest eyelash and makes the lash line fuller). A stunner!

The brush allows applying make-up without smudging on either upper or lower eyelids. It easily catches all lashes and reaches even the hardest area – corner eyelashes.

Lashcode Mascara – ingredients, benefits for lashes

The composition is another great thing about Lashcode. The details are available on the website. The mascara abounds in high-quality black pigments, including prestigious mineral pigment which both delivers nice, deep black color and ensures lash care. However, the lash-enhancing and growth-encouraging (!) ingredients are the real bomb. Lashcode gives make-up plus nutrients because it contains:

  • Soy Germ Extract – stimulates lash growth, hinders ageing and damage, enhances shine of lashes
  • Wheat Germ Extract – strongly regenerates and nourishes lashes
  • Baicalein – Skullcap Root Extract – a rich source of rejuvenating flavonoids
  • panthenol – pro-vitamin B5 – known and invaluable in hair care, moisturises, boosts shine and adds elasticity
  • vitamin E – the lack of this vitamin of youthfulness has a serious impact on the state of lashes
  • Arginine – amino acid which enhances the work of all nutrients, promotes growth and keeps lashes from falling out too soon

What kind of effect can you achieve using Lashcode?

What do lashes look like after Lashcode application? I think that’s the key thing, making us buy the product. I must admit that… first of all, I get truly black, precisely separated, mind-blowing fan of multiplied lashes thanks to perfect coverage and the ergonomics of Lashcode wand.

Secondly, the mascara gives excellent extension and thickening – without clumps or sticking lashes together. It’s true even after applying three layers – you get bold make-up but you’re not left with the spider-leg look, make-up remains flawless and professional.

The possibility of building up the intensity is another thing I must bring up because of being crucial (to me, at least). The first coat suits day make-up, beautiful, subtle and neat. The second one gives a slightly bolder look, works for a date or meeting friends whereas the third layer means bold, spectacular, evening make-up which won’t either flake or let you down on a night party. One mascara, several effects? Gals, I’m in.

Lashcode Mascara – my opinion

Summary time. My opinion on Lashcode goes along with hundreds of positive reviews that the mascara gets online. It is charmingly perfect, the spiral wand is brilliant in its simplicity. I have no idea why it took someone so long to realize that the eclipse shape of a brush (well profiled, bristles having the right flexibility and density) with narrowed tips fits all eyes and lashes.

Applying make-up is really comfy, the brush doesn’t smudge, the mascara neither smears nor falls on cheeks, the product is great to work with. It isn’t waterproof so you won’t take it to the swimming pool but it worked for me – it didn’t run down my face in the rain.

After two months with Lashcode, my lashes seem stronger, no longer fall out while taking make-up off plus I’m totally crazy about the lengthy lashes. The purchase paid off. Waiting for such a flawless product paid off. To me, it’s the best mascara. It’s bound to get to my this year’s favorites.

Have you used Lashcode? Dying to know what you think 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

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