Nanobrow Serum – My way to beautiful brows in 30 days!



I’d like to start today’s post with three simple questions, that none of us seems to be able to find the answer to.

How to strengthen brows and prevent hair loss?
How to ensure brows with a naturally beautiful look?
How to effectively make eyebrows fuller?

I admit, up until recently I had no idea how to take care of my brows. I’m fully capable of owning the responsibility for many and I mean many mistakes on my path to beautiful look. However, today I won’t be focusing on the failures but the success, which no doubt is Nanobrow serum.

Nanobrow serum

Capacity: 5 ml

Formula: liquid, colorless gel

How Nanobrow serum looks like is obvious. The taste as to cosmetic design is an individual matter. Some will like the dark style (like me), others will look for the cute pink bottles. As far as I’m concerned, they hit the nail on the head with this packaging 🙂

Certainly, even better things hide inside. The light formula with liquid gel texture reaches hairs bulbs in a matter of seconds after application and delivers ingredients such as:

  • deeply moisturizing glycerin,
  • soy germ extract with anti-age action,
  • strengthening wheat germ extract,
  • antioxidant and stimulating ginseng root extract,
  • hairs growth-enhancing baicalein,
  • nourishing and regenerating panthenol,
  • arginine for smoother and gloss,
  • softening lactic acid.

Just admit it that the amount of ingredients contained in Nanobrow makes you think this is it!

Does Nanobrow serum work and how it works?

Sure thing it works – otherwise I wouldn’t write this review! 🙂

Before buying Nanobrow, I read plenty of opinions about it. I’m not the one to go buy a pig in a poke. I always need to be convinced that given cosmetic is good for me. I decided to get this one because of all the positive reviews.

I started treatment: at the turn of September and October

I observed the first results: in the middle of September

I won’t be lying to you that with just one use Nanobrow made my eyebrows dense and dark. That’s not how it works. Treatment even with the best eyebrow serum requires time. In spite all, Nanobrow serum is a true champion in my eyes because the first results I observed after 2 weeks, while significant improvement to my brow ridge was after 4-5 weeks. In my book, this is fast!

Today, my brows are:

  • twice the size,
  • darker and with more definition,
  • fuller (no ugly gaps),
  • glossy and truly beautiful,
  • thick enough for the shape alterations,
  • strong so no hair loss.

Nanobrow serum allowed me to go back to my old eyebrows days, that is before I damaged them with too much plucking. No more daily make-up and I can use a pencil only when I want to outline their beautiful shape for some special occasion.

To sum up: Nanobrow serum is highly effective and is the only one to make my eyebrows so dense, dark and styled for the beautiful look I strived for.

If you want more information, go to the producer’s website-

Personally, I bought my Nanobrow serum there because I wanted to be sure that the composition is the original product. Nanobrow price is not over the top but it pays off to order more than one.


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