How to ALWAYS Look Gorgeous & Amaze with Flawless Skin?

You’d be surprised how simple it is 🙂

It is a child’s play but… we tend to forget or neglect the must-follow rules for healthy skin. Why? I guess it’s our nature; we don’t believe that the easiest methods can regenerate or fix skin as much as a superb advanced face cream. It’s just the opposite 🙂 A beauty product just works as support for… yeah, support for what? What are the most important rues for keeping your skin healthy?

4 great pieces of advice on how to have forever stunning, healthy-looking skin

1. Get your beauty sleep

Sleep is the time when skin regenerates intensively – especially between 11 pm and 1 am. Every part of your body works according to its biological clock and has its time for repair – skin has its time for regeneration around midnight. That is why your sleep should be deep, nourishing and healthy at this hour. This is when cellular division processes are intensive. In other words – if you go to sleep after midnight – your skin has no chance for repair. Did you know that the amount of sleep is the first thing Chinese doctors ask their patients about? That means something 🙂 Draw your conclusions from this short class and try to fall asleep before 11 pm. Secondly, sleep as long as possible. Of course eight hours of sleep would be perfect but seven hours will be a good dose for health and beauty.

2. Chill out!

Did you know that smiling extends the life and youthfulness of skin? When we’re happy or we laugh – hormones of happiness are activated – so skin ages more slowly. On the other hand, stress has a really negative impact on the body and skin condition – when we are stressed out and taut, cells receive less oxygen. Defensive functions are weaker, the skin is cut off from nutrients. Apart from the skin, our hair, nails and body are affected by the unfavorable stress effect. To make things worse, we’re more prone to various diseases and infections – so if possible, learn some relaxation techniques or check what lets you rest during the day.

3. Purify your skin

Yes, I know that you use micellar water and remove makeup every day before sleep. However, if flawless and healthy skin is your goal, remember… first of all: micellar water (apart from being effective and spectacular) is a synthetic (micelles are devised in labs and don’t occur naturally), or an artificial detergent which opposes the skin and its functions. All in all, you must always rinse the face with tap water to get rid of the micelle residue and bring back pH (disturbed by the micelles).

Keep one thing in mind: even if you give your face a precise daily wash (using a natural, plant-based product), it is not enough to keep your skin flawlessly clean. That’s why use a face scrub and clarifying mask twice a week so that your skin has a chance for deep cleansing. Purified skin equals better absorption and work of creams and intensified skin repair. Clean skin is smooth, supple and bouncy, free of blackheads and comedones. Moisturizers and serums work more effectively and reach deeper skin layers, ensuring intensive regeneration and nourishing.

4. Wear a very delicate make-up

I bet you’re gonna ask for details. Do I mean nude shades, subtle and not drawing attention, giving natural-looking effect? Not exactly. I mean your go-to makeup products, to be more precise – their ingredients. It would be ideal if you could give up on them or only use a natural paraben-free mineral powder. A light BB cream is another great idea – preferably, without mineral oils and synthetics, natural, mild, evening out skin tone and conditioning skin. After testing (brilliantly-working and giving stunning makeup effect) mineral products, you won’t feel like replacing them with any other cosmetic.

How do you like these four extremely easy tips? Be honest with yourself and think if you really follow these rules. When you add healthy food to your diet and do away with harmful simple sugars – your skin, hair and nails will quickly say thank you. Good luck 🙂

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