Concealer. Which one to choose and how to use it?


Every women wish to wear perfect makeup and have flawless skin. If you want to look that way, then you should consider a concealer as your trusted ally. This type of cosmetic serves several purposes and, what’s the best about it, this product is able to turn your appearance around completely. Read on to find out how to choose a concealer and how to apply it in the right way.

What’s concealer?

Concealer is a facial cosmetic used to camouflage dark circles, broken capillaries, rosacea, discolorations and various types of acne. This product has to match skin type and the imperfections which you want to cover up. Another issue that is worth taking into consideration here is the concealer’s texture, shade, composition and properties that answer your skin needs. Moreover, a concealer can be used to correct the mistakes we made while applying makeup, bring out eyebrow and lip outline, even out an eyeliner and fix a poorly-applied bronzer.

Which concealer to pick?

Concealers come in various shades. Thus we have:

  • nude concealer – universal, the best to deal with deep wrinkles;
  • pink concealer – lightens up fatigued, dull complexion;
  • green concealer – camouflages skin redness and broken capillaries;
  • yellow concealer – covers up dark circles;
  • antibacterial concealer – designed for oily skin type that is acne-prone, it frequently features either silicic acid or tea tree oil.

What type of concealers do we have?

The texture of concealer has to be selected having the blemishes we want to camouflage in mind. Therefore, we distinguish the following products:

  • stick concealer – provides high-coverage and is intensively pigmented. It has to be used topically by applying it only to scars and discolorations. This product shouldn’t be used to camouflage dark circles due to its heavy consistency (it might bring out wrinkles);
  • cream concealer – delivers really good coverage, contains hydrating components and isn’t as heavy as stick concealer. It can be applied to under eye area but in small quantities because it might appear to be hard to blend;
  • pencil concealer – it supposed to be used topically only to camouflage broken capillaries and acne as well as to correct eyebrow, eye and lip makeup;
  • pressed concealer – has dry formula so it can cover up acne and pigmentation marks;
  • liquid concealer – has light formula therefore it offers light-coverage. It doesn’t residue in skin creases so it can be applied to under eye area. It’s also recommended to use it with dry and mature skin type;
  • concealer with built-in applicator – has light and runny consistency, dries out when applied and delivers light-coverage. It’s designed to be applied to under eye area, yet it won’t cover up skin imperfections. Basically, it can be used to highlight certain face parts;
  • highlighting concealer – in most cases it has runny or creamy consistency and goes with a brush. It contains pigments that bounce light and highlight complexion. It shouldn’t be applied to acne because it can make them even more visible. However, this type of concealer is good at highlighting dark circles.

How to apply a concealer?

The way in which a particular concealer has to be applied is strictly connected with its texture. In general, stick and pencil concealers should be put on before applying a foundation because this helps the concealer to melt into skin better; still, it’s not the rule. It’s important though to use a concealer of one tone brighter than the foundation shade. Moreover, before using a concealer, apply a moisturising face cream and a foundation first. Apply the concealer by patting it with your fingertips until the makeup becomes even. The less concealer used, the better; simply, the effect you achieve will be more natural-looking. It’s crucial to fix the entire makeup with a powder.

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