My reliable methods to fight acne

Pimples, especially those on the face, are associated with puberty, at least to me. What if all the signs in the sky and the earth indicate that it’s been long since you become a mature person, and yet, you still struggle with pimples on your face? Pimples, pustules, blemishes, blackheads … Before you get to know my proven ways of fighting pimples, I will try to explain their causes.

Pimples – causes

Pimples can have different causes. They include:

  • Air pollution 

If you live in a city, then this cause is most likely. The hustle and bustle, and air pollution clog pores which results in clogged pores.

  • Stress

Chronic stress, that accompanies many of us, especially at work, disturbs the functioning of the pituitary gland. It is responsible for managing the hormonal system of which disorders are the cause of tenacious acne.

  • Drugs

Drinking large amounts of coffee and alcohol, especially the high percentage, and smoking cigarettes intensify inflammatory changes in the skin.

  • Hormonal medication 

Hormonal medicines, such as contraceptive pills and sterility preparations, cause serious changes in the body, which may be conducive to acne.

  • Air-conditioning

Computer work in an air-conditioned room with artificial light, especially in the case of oily or combination skin, contributes to skin water loss.  In order to provide it with sufficient protection, the sebaceous glands, start to produce larger amounts of sebum than under normal conditions. You know what this leads to. Yes, straight to acne.

  • Improper skin care

Washing your face with hard, chlorinated water, which often accompanies life in the city, falling asleep with the makeup on… If you do this, it’s like you ask for pimples yourself, which consequently appear at an alarming speed.

Pimples – remedies 

What methods for getting rid of acne do I recommend? Let me start with something you shouldn’t be doing: waiting for things to improve themselves. Unfortunately, acne as well as oily and combination skin is quite demanding and requires various treatments.

  • Cleansing and makeup removal 

Never ever go to sleep wearing your makeup. No matter how tired and sleepy you are, you MUST remove the dirt dust and makeup from your face before going to bed. I cannot stress this enough. This way, you will also remove excess sebum that has been secreted by your skin throughout the day. Next, wipe your face with a non-alcohol toner – properly acidified skin does not force the sebaceous glands to overproduce sebum and is better defended against bacterial infections. The best choice will be the preparation you buy in the beauty salon. Such a toner has a low pH that limits the secretion of sebum.

However, if you prefer washing your face with water, make sure to use either boiled, mineral, or thermal water. Also, go for face washing gels that are free of soap (soap is alkaline and can irritate the skin).

  • Moisturizing and mattifying 

Once you cleanse your face, apply a moisturizing cream with fruit acid content for oily or combination skin. Fruit acids gently exfoliate dead skin cells and prevent the formation of blackheads. In the case of combination skin, you have to take care of the dry parts in a different way (moisturizing cream in the morning and evening) and for the greasy areas- a mattifying cream in the morning. Avoid oily creams at night and anti-wrinkle cosmetics with retinol that promote the formation of blackheads.

  • Sun protection

After the morning skin cleansing, apply an oil-free moisturizing gel, and in the summer, a non-fat cream with a high sunscreen (SPF 50+). Acne skin is very sensitive to the sun, so UVA and UVB rays can permanently disfigure it with discoloration. Discoloration is also a probable side effect of the use of strong anti-acne preparations bought at the drugstore and in the pharmacy.

  • Antibacterial gel

A special disinfectant gel for acne skin will accelerate the healing of pimples. You will get it at a drugstore or pharmacy without a prescription (OTC).

  • Salty bathing

The largest number of sebaceous glands is found on your back and neckline. Regular bathing in Dead Sea salts will smooth out and moisturize these parts of the skin. Just pour half a kilo of salt into your bathtub with water at a temperature of about 37 degrees C. A salty bath should last no longer than 20-30 minutes.

  • A mild exfoliation 

Twice a week, cleanse your face of dead skin cells. For this purpose, you will use a scrub for oily skin, preferably enzymatic or gommage. None of them will irritate the skin as a regular scrub.

  • Face mask

To do it, go to the beauty salon, preferably 2-3 times a month. The mask of green clay reduces the secretion of sebum, improves skin tone and heals pimples. It can be applied to the back, cleavage, and face.

  • Cream or gel with vitamin A acid – it inhibits the secretion of sebum, regulates skin keratosis and removes discoloration.
  • Tablets with zinc and copper – clearly limit seborrhea.

The last two preparations can be used only for a month. If you do not see improvement after this period of time, consult your doctor. The dermatologist will prescribe you the appropriate treatment based on the interview and, optionally, the results of hormonal tests.

Do you have your proven ways of fighting pimples? Can you tell me about them? I will be very grateful to you!

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