How to use face cream, serum and toner? My order to apply skincare

Even the best cosmetics might appear ineffective if you apply them in a wrong way or in the wrong order. The application method and the right order of putting on the cosmetics is almost as crucial as the product’s composition. How to make your face skin clean? How to use face cream and toner, and how to apply face serum? How to apply face cream and an under eye cream? Here is my order to apply skincare.

How to make face skin clean?

Before you apply a cosmetic, you must cleanse your skin first. Thanks to this, the beauty products won’t irritate you because there are no impurities that might impede penetration of the active substances through epidermis. To make your face clean, use a face gel, face cleansing milk or micellar lotion, and then rinse your face with water to remove the residues of the cosmetic.

Apply face scrub twice a week to help your dead epidermis cells exfoliate. Thanks to this, you will remove the barrier which holds back the cosmetics from reaching the deep skin layers.

How to use toner?

Once you make your skin clean, wipe it with a toner. This means that you should take a cotton pad, damp it with a toner and use it to wipe both your face and neck with. If you have a spray face toner, spritz your face with it and, after a while, use a tissue to dry your face. What’s important to realize, if you let the spray toner stay on your face for long, it will extract water from your skin cells. Toner is a very important skincare cosmetic because it restores the right – acid – pH of skin. Owing to its acidic reaction, skin is better protected against germs and absorbs nourishing substances from cosmetics way faster.

How to and when apply face serum?

Serum is a cosmetic that differs a lot from other skincare products. It contains a concentrated dose of active substances: nourishing, moisturising or skin lifting, and is designed to perform at least a 28-day treatment (this is how long it takes skin to carry out its self-renewal process, and the role of a serum is to support the very process). Serum’s consistency is lightweight, semifluid and is absorbed by skin really fast. What’s crucial, while applying a serum you shouldn’t rub it because this can cause unnecessary skin stretching. Instead, spread a few drops of the cosmetic over your clean fingers and pat it fast using the very fingertips.

Serum should be applied by, firstly, putting it on chin to reach ears, from nose to temple and from the middle part of forehead to temples. If the serum you bought is designed to be used at bedtime, apply it somewhere around 8:00 PM because this is when the night skin cell regeneration process begins. Serum was designed to use it for more extended treatments, whereas face mask is a one-off boost of active substances. For that reason, you can use it occasionally or regularly, yet rarely, for example, once a week. What’s very important, don’t apply masks if your skin isn’t completely clean. Therefore, before carrying out the procedure, apply a face scrub first to enable skin to absorb all the precious substances a face mask has to offer.

How to apply under eye cream?

Pat an under eye cream starting from lower eyelid, from temples to nose. Then, use another portion of the cream to apply it under arch bone heading the outer corner of the eye.

How to apply face cream?

The last stage of a daily skincare ritual is application of a face cream. Of course, this activity has to be performed wisely. What does it mean? Collect a small portion of a cosmetic on your fingertip and warm it up. After a while, spread an even layer over clean skin and massage it. Thanks to this, you will improve your lymph and blood flow which will accelerate cell metabolic rate. As a consequence, skin cells will make a better use of all the active substances of the cream, along with the earlier-applied beauty products.

How to perform such massage? Go upwards. First, use your fingertips to pat your lip skin area and your face oval from chin to temples. Then, proceed with cheeks and nose, heading temples. At the end, massage your forehead heading from the middle part of it to temples. After that, change the massaging technique to stroking. Move your hands from the middle face parts upwards reaching temples.

The truth is, there are plenty of massaging techniques. Many cosmetic brands include such instructions on their products’ packaging. In most cases, the instructions have the form of small images. They are developed by dermatologists, therefore it’s worth making use of them.

What’s your method of applying face cream, under eye cream, serum and toner? Do you do this in the same order as me? Are you satisfied with the obtained effects? I’m waiting for your comments!

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