Nanoil Retinol Face Serum: Second to None!

Are you searching for a good retinol face serum? I’ve got one to recommend with a clear conscience. It’s Nanoil Retinol Face Serum, one of the top picks with rave reviews. I’ve bought it, tried it, and I love it. Keep reading for details on retinol face serum from Nanoil!

Nanoil Retinol Face Serum: terrific product at a very good price

What makes Nanoil Serum a very good skin care product apart from the ingredients (I’ll go through them later)? Surely, it’s the volume (Nanoil provides 50 ml of highly-effective retinol), and price, which is a really good deal, considering the top quality of the formula. Besides, the serum lasts long and has perfect texture so it is a pleasure to use it, without worrying about comedogenic effects on skin.

Face retinol by Nanoil: what’s the secret to great effects?

Of course it is the best selection of ingredients! The type of retinol used in the Nanoil Serum – Retinyl Palmitate – doesn’t need to be infused into oil-based products. It’s a good thing because, as you probably know, oils must be suited individually so oil-based retinol serum always entails the risk of clogged skin pores. Thankfully, Nanoil made a very light and nice-to-use serum. Apart from the best type of retinol, which repairs the skin and smooths wrinkles, it is rich in Punarnava extract which brightens dark spots and enhances the skin tone.

How do I use my Nanoil Retinol Face Serum?

I use it every evening after washing my face. First, I apply a small amount of the serum (a few drops are optimal), and then a night cream. Retinol in the Nanoil serum is one of the best forms, and it’s tolerated by the skin even if it’s sensitive. However, remember that retinol and the sunlight don’t make a good match so apply SPF cream in the morning. It will bring you nothing but benefits. After all, UV and lack of hydration are the major factors that make our skin age at a blistering pace. That’s why sun protection is a must all year round. Even if you don’t use retinol. 🙂

Nanoil Retinol Serum: effects on my skin

Nanoil Serum works out very well. It made my skin much better within a couple of weeks: face lines are less noticeable, the face is smoother, and I no longer struggle with the unhealthy shine (I couldn’t handle it for a long time). The serum is lightweight and fully absorbed so it doesn’t congest the skin. Nanoil Face Serum revived my complexion. Now, the skin has a lovely, healthy tone.

Where to buy Nanoil Retinol Serum?

If you want to read more about the Nanoil Serum and its effects, pop into By the way, I suggest checking other products on the site like terrific micellar shampoos or hair masks. I love cold-pressed, unrefined oils from Nanoil. Have you got one too? Post a comment! 🙂

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