My Nanoil review. Is it the best hair oil?

Nanoil hair oil

Hey everyone!

The moment I came across Nanoil once I was browsing the net, I knew that I’d buy it sooner or later. Its composition is fantastic, it looks stunning, matches various hair porosity types and, according to many bloggers, it’s a product that effectively regenerates hair, adds body to strands and makes hair just perfect. Nanoil is said to be the remedy for the problem of uncontrolled hair loss. But does this hair care product really work like this? Surely, it improves hair condition which becomes obvious by just scanning the list of ingredients – it’s a dream-product of every hair maniac. To me, the most important issue to examine was to find out whether the oil would prevent hair loss and accelerate hair growth. Let me invite you to read my review. Below you can find my thoughts concerning Nanoil.

First of all, I must admit that I used up every single drop of this product. This test took some time, indeed. I approached this issue really seriously. I tested Nanoil thoroughly. I wanted to tell you not only whether the oil serves the entire hair length well but also my main intention was to report if this oil really speeds up hair growth, leaves hair thicker, strengthens hair bulbs and prevents hair loss.

Nanoil hair oil is a product that probably most of you have the opportunity to come across already. On the Internet you can find many reviews and comments concerning this hair oil posted by bloggers and hair maniacs, it’s recognized worldwide and a lot of women placed their trust in this hair care product. Nevertheless, it was hard for me to find some comments proving that Nanoil makes hair grow faster (and if so, how fast?) and whether the oil does make hair thicker. What I knew then was that Nanoil regenerates hair in a incredible way, conditions hair shafts and takes care of scalp. It’s said to be a godsend not only for dry hair but also for greasy hair, it soothes scalp irritations and protects against adverse external factors. (I know that it might sound scary, but these ‘aggressive external factors’ are solar radiation, cold air, strong wind, toxins, smog, etc., which Nanoil shields hair against.) Also, Nanoil takes care of hair ends, leaves strands glossy and helps hair become neat, smooth, luster and nice to the touch already after the first oil treatment. I truly like this effect. Naturally, it can be noticed with the naked eye as you can feel it by running your hand through the hair. What about the effects that can’t be observed at the first glimpse? Is Nanoil able to strengthen hair bulbs? Does it encourage hair to grow faster? Is hair loss combated? And finally, this chronic problem of all oil users:

‘Nanoil – When can I expect the effects to be seen?’

Ok, so let me give you even more insight:

Nanoil hair oil: A few nuggets of practical information before we focus on the review:

1. Nanoil hair oil – Price

The cost of Nanoil isn’t low because this isn’t a product that can be bought at a bazaar – it’s rather a top-shelf cosmetic. The way this hair oil works makes up for the expense. But, if this doesn’t sound convincing to you, I can tell you that Nanoil is exceptionally efficient. In my case it was 5 months of regular application to use up the whole bottle, and let me tell you that my hair is long, almost waist-length so I had to use quite a dose for each oiling. To sum up, the cost of Nanoil is adequate to its quality, and the oil itself lasts really long. With this in mind, I wouldn’t expect such a product to cost as much as a bottle of shampoo.

2. Nanoil hair oil – Where can I buy it?

I guess, it’d be hard for you to find the hair oil in a regular drugstore. That’s a pity. However, after having second thoughts I must admit that I do most of the shopping online so I’m used to this. I guess, the best way to get Nanoil is to visit the official website of the product. The shipping is fast, the oil is really well-packed and secured. When buying a few bottles, there are discounts offered.

3. Nanoil hair oil – How to choose the right one?

Naturally, not by chance and not by following the test and trial method. There are three oils, each one dedicated to a particular hair type: beginning with heavy and thick but often greasy hair, through damaged, dehydrated and brittle strands. How to select the right oil? On the official website you can find a short hair porosity test. Just answer the questions concerning hair care and hair types, and the result you’ll get tells you which version of Nanoil matches your hair. Also, you’ll find out what your hair needs most and what substances it lacks. I must admit that the test is infallible.

The Nanoil version that I have is the one dedicated to medium porosity hair.

Ok, then – you finally got the right Nanoil version. What’s the next step? How to use it to help hair grow long and hair bubs to get more and more reinforced week by week?

Nanoil hair oil – Directions for use

Of course, you can use Nanoil to just ‘dab’ your hair ends with or spread it over the entire hair length. However, I was looking for a complete and utmost hair regeneration, which I wouldn’t achieve without applying the oil to my scalp. And this is exactly how I was using Nanoil for 5 months (twice a week). In short, the application of Nanoil looks as follows:

  1. I wash my hair since it absorbs nutrients better when damp and clean (the cuticle rise).
  2. I towel dry the hair and detangle it using a wide tooth comb (I prefer a wooden comb).
  3. I pour a dose of the oil, warm it up in my hands and apply to hair, strand by strand.
  4. I massage scalp delicately to distribute the oil evenly and to boost blood flow.
  5. I spread the oil along the hair length and run either a comb or my fingers through the hair.
  6. I put a shower cap on my head.
  7. I wrap the head with a towel to help produce warmth (it’s important because warmth activates the oil).
  8. I wait more or less 30 minutes… or 15 minutes when I don’t have enough time. I remove both the towel and the shower cap.
  9. I emulsify the oil, which means that I apply a regular hair conditioner.
  10. I rinse the conditioner. I wash the hair with a shampoo. I blow dry the hair and style it.

Nanoil hair oil – Effects | Does it work?

To be honest, after the first month it would have been hard for me to tell you anything more than what had been already mentioned on other blogs: Nanoil improves state and look of hair, leaves strands shiny, makes them stronger, luster, healthy, neat, the colour gets more intensive, hair ends look nice…

Somewhere around the end of the second month I noticed that my hair… had grown a few inches longer. It was clear to see the difference that they extended more than the regular one inch that hair normally wins within two months. I think, it kept growing twice as fast. At the same time my hair ends didn’t seem to be fatigued as they used to be. Instead, it was strong and pretty.

During the third month of using Nanoil I spotted baby hair growing near my temples. I was so happy about this because I had lose much hair due to so-called seasonal hair loss.

Nanoil hair oil – Description and ingredients: The secret of the product’s effectiveness

As I’ve already mentioned this a few times, Nanoil is a hair oil, this fact isn’t surprising. However, what might surprise you though is that Nanoil is composed of several oils, not just one. Each of three Nanoil versions is made from different types of oils but this product is more than that. It isn’t just a blend of macadamia oil, argan oil, coconut oil, shea butter, maracuja oil or avocado oil. It contains also natural hair sunscreens, panthenol, lanolin, B5 pro-vitamin. Apart from that, each version of Nanoil is enriched with potent regenerating substances that stimulate hair bulbs, encourage fast hair growth and prevent hair thinning. At present, kerastim and baicapil that Nanoils feature are one of the best substances that accelerate hair growth and stimulate hair bulbs day after day.

Nanoil hair oil – Comments, my thoughts, conclusion

I wholeheartedly recommend you and encourage you to buy this hair oil. Nanoil fulfills my expectations in 100% and I can share the same positive feedback on this product with other bloggers. Nanoil didn’t only took care of my hair, beautified the entire length of it but also accelerated hair growth, combated hair loss and gifted me with baby hair. I just adore this hair oil. I’m wondering whether Nanoil managed to improve your hair faster than it did to my hair. Have you measured how many inches your strands gained due to Nanoil treatment? Leave the comments below. All thoughts and comments are welcome.

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