Before you apply make-up… What must you know about a foundation?


Highlighter, eye shadows, lipstick, mascara… They aren’t the cosmetics that do the make-up. The most important is foundation since it provides base for the remaining beauty products and helps them deliver the looked-for effect. If you want to apply make-up the right way and know how to use a foundation properly, go on reading my article. You’re going to find answers to the questions in a moment.

The power of coverage and the consistency of the product

How to verify how strong is the coverage of a product and its consistency? The coverage should be checked by spreading the cosmetic on a wrist because this very body part features visible veins and the skin covering it is the palest there. If a foundation manages to camouflage this area¬†first time round, it means that it’s high-coverage. However, if you can see the veins through, even with the second layer applied, this means that you have probably just tested a sheer foundation. And how to check the consistency? Distribute the foundation on the palm of your hand, and to be more precise – on the part where your thumb begins. Last but not least, the shade of the foundation has to be checked by applying it to the face. You can choose a forehead, cheeks and the line between the jaw and neck to find out whether a particular cosmetic matches your skin tone.

Where problems with matching a foundation come from?

The problem connected with choosing the right foundation is caused by the great number of shades available as well as difficulties concerning defining type and tone of complexion. Some products are either too fair or too dark, the others feature either too much or too little yellow/pink tones. In this case, buying two foundations might appear to be a good solution. They can be mixed together to obtain the right colour. Moreover, while choosing a foundation, the blemishes that a face features should be also taken into account. Discolorations, broken capillaries, scars, dark circles under eyes – such skin imperfections should be covered either with medicinal or colour-correct foundations.

How to match a foundation?

The most important rule is matching a foundation to the type and tone of the complexion instead of following the recommendations of our friends. Why is it so crucial? Simply because friends might have completely different skin tone, might follow different beauty routines and their skin might react differently to various external conditions. For that reason, in order to choose the right foundation, you should stick to the above-mentioned rules. Run tests, give a try, play with shades and brands until you find the perfect product. However, if you still can’t match the foundation with your skin type, ask a beautician for a help. Also, you can ask for a make-up trial.

Efficiency of make-up and trouble with applying it

Which qualities suggest that a particular foundation is efficient? If just a pea-size amount of a foundation suffices to even your skin tone, this means that your make-up can be described as well done. However, sometimes it happens that in spite of properly applied cosmetics, the foundation runs down the face and leaves smudges. Reason? The foundation hasn’t been well-matched with skin type.

It’s recommended to apply rich creams to treat oil skin type because without them a high quality powder is powerless. Skin will shine in an uncontrolled way and cosmetic will run down the face sooner or later. Similar case is with poorly done make-up removal. To clarify, if you don’t treat your skin with a toner after wiping off colour cosmetics, the make-up you do in the morning won’t hold long.

In the case of dry skin, good-looking make-up is rather hard to obtain. Dry skin patches are easy to notice, powder doesn’t hold, epidermis is frequently irritated or is getting even more dehydrated. Why does it happen this way? Skin hasn’t been replenished with water in 100% or it hasn’t been exposed to the right type of care. The other reasons might be: diet poor in vitamins and minerals, external aggressors, application of products that don’t belong to one line, storing beauty products in poor conditions. Furthermore, if you’re planning to buy a foundation designed for dry skin, give a try to a good moisturising cream first. Don’t forget to run a patch test. Apply a small amount of the cosmetic to your behind ear area and wait 24 or 48 hours. If no adverse reaction occurs, you can apply the very cream before using a foundation freely.

Do you know now how to use a foundation?

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